NATIVE(X) Crow's Shadow 2013 Screen Printing Workshop

A few weeks ago we helped sponsor a class on the Umatilla Indian Reservation at Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts. This is the second time NATIVE(X) has partnered with Crow’s Shadow to teach the art of screen printing. The first year it was a hit so we went for round two. This time around I wasn’t able to attend, but the class was in the good hands of Pat Walters, a Crow’s Shadow board member.

In the future, flying myself out to and participating in each NATIVE(X) workshop doesn't make much sense. I love travelling to new places and meeting people, but the cost of travel and lodging would be better used for sponsoring more workshops and getting kids doing art.

Thank you also to Nick at Ryonet, a screen printing and supplies company for teaching and sponsoring the event as well.

If you are interested in hosting, working, or sponsoring a NATIVE(X) workshop, send me an email at






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