by Patrick Dean Hubbell, Navajo Nation

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    Patrick Dean HubbellNavajo NationArchival Print


    "Ubiquitous Nature"

    This series of paintings is an examination and appreciation of nature. Within various Native American peoples, the use of the "zig zag" and/ or "chevron" pattern has been used to represent different aspects of nature such as water, lighting, and air (just to name a few). After thinking about this pattern I decided to use it to represent Nature in general. The constant flow and radiant energy within nature surrounds us. It is with us at every moment. The amazing, beautiful colors that nature provides can be found in anything we see. The random placement of these colors is also beyond our control and reminds us how powerful nature can be.
    Working from a numbered color wheel, I randomly generate a number in a lottery type fashion. I then take this number that coincides with the color wheel and start from the top down applying the paint. Every line of color from the "zig zag" is mixed from this color wheel. From these random numbers drawn, I do not know how each piece will turn out until the entire painting is complete. I enjoy this process and appreciate of the random placement of all the different hues, shades, tints, and tones.
    Patrick Dean Hubbell is Dine' (Navajo). He is To'ahani'(Near to Water Clan), Born for Dibe'lizhini (Black Sheep), Maternal Grandfather is Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House People), Paternal Grandfather is Hona'ghaahnii (One Who Walks Around Clan). He is originally from Navajo, New Mexico, located near the Northeast region of the Arizona, New Mexico border of the Navajo Nation.

    Patrick Dean Hubbell's work is an investigation of identity. He is drawn to the subtle questioning of this examination. Patrick Dean finds inspiration in everything and uses various themes rooted in the correlation and the conflict of a Contemporary and Native American mindset. He is equally interested in the figure and in the abstract qualities of expression. Using people, animals, nature, stories, philosophies, and abstract representations, Patrick is able to depict this existence of identity. HIs work includes the use of bold and vibrant colors, combined with the integration of various elements of design. The expressive personality of his work allows the viewer a momentary visual experience.

    2010 - BFA, Art, Arizona State University
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