Little Wound

by Patrick Dean Hubbell, Navajo Nation

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    Patrick Dean HubbellNavajo NationArchival Print

    Little Wound

    "Look On The Brighter Side"

    This series revolves around the idea of the fusion of the traditional, with the contemporary. Throughout the history of the United States there have been countless photographs taken of Native Americans. As i look at these images, I attempt to read the personality behind the face. I like to imagine how they would speak, the gestures they might make, and they way carried themselves. I observe the details in their eyes, hands, and how they are dressed. From these images, I have utmost appreciation for their strong traditional mindset, their way of life and what they stood for. As I try to imagine how their lives were, I am also reminded of how easy we have it made in these modern times. These simple question also arise, "If these individuals were alive today, what might they wear? Would they dress they we dress? Would they be disappointed in how we present ourselves?" From these thoughts and paintings, one might be able to assess themselves. This series of paintings derives from historical photographs from various nations across North America. I reinterpret these images, with bright colored clothing, design elements for the background, and the use of sunglasses. The sunglasses acts as barrier that distances the viewer and distorts the personal connection through the eyes. The title of the series draws on the underlying thought of; as Native people we have gone through so much throughout history, but we still exist. We are still here and we have all the opportunities before us to achieve something great for our families and to honor the ones who came before us. We have to "Look on the brighter side" and establish a positive mind to accomplish these goals for the future of our people.
    Patrick Dean Hubbell is Dine' (Navajo). He is To'ahani'(Near to Water Clan), Born for Dibe'lizhini (Black Sheep), Maternal Grandfather is Kinyaa'aanii (Towering House People), Paternal Grandfather is Hona'ghaahnii (One Who Walks Around Clan). He is originally from Navajo, New Mexico, located near the Northeast region of the Arizona, New Mexico border of the Navajo Nation.

    Patrick Dean Hubbell's work is an investigation of identity. He is drawn to the subtle questioning of this examination. Patrick Dean finds inspiration in everything and uses various themes rooted in the correlation and the conflict of a Contemporary and Native American mindset. He is equally interested in the figure and in the abstract qualities of expression. Using people, animals, nature, stories, philosophies, and abstract representations, Patrick is able to depict this existence of identity. HIs work includes the use of bold and vibrant colors, combined with the integration of various elements of design. The expressive personality of his work allows the viewer a momentary visual experience.

    2010 - BFA, Art, Arizona State University
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